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         Linyi jianjie exhibition tent co.,ltd that is a specialized company with production and sell and rent of domestic large tents and europe tent. it is the largest tents series manufacturing enterprise in the north of the large river
         Jianjie tent use high quality that frame with aluminium alloy . the tent’s cover use imported double pvc coated fabric that have ultraviolet-proof and prevent the knife and stop burning and easy to clean and ametabolic and etc. the company use german technology research and development of tent that breaking the traditional production process and change the past complex frame and single product and set up more than labor and so on. make structure is simple and accessibility for erection and stability of stronger. it is widely used in outdoor exhibition such as outdoor pavilion, special decoration exhibition, security area, temporary warehouse, logistics center, guest check-in counter, auto show, opening ceremony, product promotion, sports event, commercial activity, festival activities, beer festival, food festival, emergency rescue, earthquake relief, tent school and etc.
         The structure of tent use the unit modular design. the span specification have six meters, eight meters, ten meters, fifteen meters, eighteen meters, twenty meters, twenty-five meters and so on. the length according to the actual need any stitching combination.   Jianjie tent follow the enterprise tenet “developing on innovation and creates the brand by quality”. we can satisfy customers to tent use requirement for outdoor activities and we also constantly create infinite wonderful elegant space for the customer.


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